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Indonesian Bird Flu Blogs

Post  cottontop on Mon Jun 09, 2008 8:56 pm

Dari dunia blogging, saya membawa berita flu burung, lurus dari Indonesia.-cottontop

This diary will focus on Indonesian blogs that discuss bird flu from Indonesian bloggers. As these blogs are found, translated and comb through, I hope that we can get some useful news and gain an insight into how the Indonesians feel about bird flu, and what they think about Supari and WHO.

It is important for us to listen to what they have to say. It's a rare glimpse into their viewpoint, and until now, we haven't had.

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Bimo's Blog

Post  cottontop on Mon Jun 09, 2008 8:58 pm

Bimo's Blog-biotech from Indonesia
Bimo's Blog

On Tuesday, in April 29, 2008
Kalau bird flu invited confusion...

What became the subject of the problem gonjang-ganjing between Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari and the Kesehatan Body of the WHO World?

His origin was the Indonesian obligation to send the sample of the virus H5N1 from the sufferer avian flu to WHO through the Global mechanism of Surveillance Network influenza (GISN).
His aim was to the pattern of the spreading avian flu could be monitored thoroughly et cetera the step in the exact prevention could be compiled.

The sample that was sent by Indonesia afterwards was made his genetic map by WHO or by the other research institute that was appointed by WHO. Berdasarkan the genetic map this could be was predicted as far the virus H5N1 already bermutasi.

The supervision of the pattern of this mutation was important, because of the Spanish virus flu that claimed casualties 20-40 million people in 1918 also bermutasi from the virus avian flu.

Nah, here his problem.
The sample of the virus H5N1 that was handed over to WHO afterwards in-forward to big pharmacy companies the world to be made the vaccine.
This vaccine afterwards buy up by developed countries that the fear with the plague of bird flu, apart from also was offered to countries developed the price that definitely not cheap.

This that made Dr. Supari mencak-mencak.
He considered this pharmacy company, on WHO help, stole the Indonesian nature wealth to scoop up the economic profit from sales revenue and the patent of the vaccine product.

Minister Supari prosecuted the company of the world pharmacy that was benefitted by the virus H5N1 from Indonesia to give material compensation (read: money) to the Indonesian nation.

If not, then Indonesia will stop the sending of the sample of the virus avian flu like that could be carried out some time before.The hot ball that was thrown by Minister Supari became wild.
Stabbed everywhere and -- according to my view -- has been increasingly far from his substance.
Suddenly emerged rumours of the biological weapon.
Suddenly emerged the lawsuit against the laboratory NAMRU-2.

These matters precisely did not have his connection with rumours of the sending of the sample of the virus avian flu and the matter of the selling price of the vaccine.
As a person who worked in the field life sciences, I had the obligation to give views from the side scientific.
Was thought by me must have the other voice that could balance the perspective that was followed by the Indonesian public that -- according to me -- has been dominated by emotions compared with the ratio.Along with this several point that according to me obligatory was straightened:

Minister Supari accused developed countries of violating proprietary rights on the sample of the virus H5N1 that was sent by Indonesia.
This was wrong.
The sample of the virus that was sent to WHO not only was used to monitor the pattern of the mutation of the virus, but also was used to make the vaccine.
That had the capacity to make the vaccine be the pharmacy industry (the profit agency), not the university that was the non-profit agency.

WHO did not have the abandonment towards the virus that was sent by Indonesia.
That could be claimed by his abandonment was the vaccine that was produced from this virus.
This must because of the pharmacy industry spend quite a bit of fees to produce the vaccine.
Also, that could be claimed by his abandonment was seed the virus, that is the prospective virus that was used to make the vaccine.

Seed the virus was the original virus that has been weakened so as to be not dangerous (low pathogenic).
Technology reverse genetics to make seed the virus was patented by the company MedImmune, so as each side that wanted to make the vaccine used seed this virus must pay compensation to MedImmune.
So, what could be patented and any that were forbidden to be patented?

The virus H5N1 could not be patented.
Read also here, and here.
The nature product that was not modified by the hands of humankind might be in no way patented.
Is there the person that mempatenkan water?
Is there the person that mempatenkan air?
Is there the person that mempatenkan fire?
Not there is and might not.

Likewise with the virus H5N1 that could not be patented.
That could be patented was results of the engineering of the original virus, for example virus-like particle, modified the virus, seed the virus, but also the vaccine.
Equally his matter like water that could not be patented, but the Aqua mineral water could be patented.

Because of the virus H5N1 could not be patented, who could make use of him to make the vaccine.
Including Indonesia.

Although Indonesia must pay compensation to MedImmune to use seed the virus that was produced used their technology, this was part of the mechanism of the patent that not (not yet) could be disturbed by the jolt.
But not meant to not have the way out.

Technology reverse genetics not the only alternative.
Dr. Andi Utama, the expert in Indonesian virology, proposed that Indonesia again glanced at long but proven technology potent to produce the vaccine.
Technology that was proposed by Dr. Utama was technology that was used by Albert Sabin tens last year to produce the polio vaccine.

The technology was still effective and still is used now.
What was the lesson that could be attracted from matter confusion of this bird flu?

Although Indonesia was blessed with the abundant nature wealth (including the virus), ketertinggalan in the technological command made Indonesia not more involved with developed countries that far controlled technology.
Was easy to be proven that countries that just like his nature resources but lacked his technology, like Indonesia, Brunei, or Arabian countries, not at all powerful to independent and only became Sir "angguk" developed countries that in fact poorer his nature resources.

Indonesia must be able to produce the vaccine avian flu personally and might not expect the other country to produce the vaccine for Indonesia.
In the worst scenario, when avian flu became the pandemic, certain developed countries will not hand over stock of their vaccine to Indonesia.

Indonesia has had PT BioFarma that had the capacity to produce the vaccine in a mass fashion.
Indonesia also had many experts in results virology didikan famous universities the world.
Moreover, the agency of IHVCB-UI has had the laboratory trapped BSL-3 that was appropriate to process the pathogenic virus like H5N1.
Just one that not all that: the Indonesian government will.

The mechanism of the patent could on one hand stimulate the innovation in the technological field by giving compensation to inovator.

On the other hand, the mechanism of the patent placed the poor country as the side that was exploited.
Several sides offered the mechanism reward to inovator apart from patent rights, for example Joseph Stiglitz proposed the "gift" system that was felt better compared with the patent system.

I knew the pharmacy industry in developed countries quite greedy.
A lot of his proof.
But on the other hand, they that succeeded in developing the modern medicine that was enjoyed by us at this time.
The mechanism of the patent was one of their motivations to continue to carry out the research and the development of medicine.

This Is Capitalism 101, my friend...
Estimated by me the patent system will not end at least in 50 years in the future.
To be able to remain faced this patent system, Indonesia necessary berswasembada technology.
Indonesia must develop personally latest technologies for the people's advantage, so as we no longer need to pay the patent to developed countries.

And this needed the hard work, not omong big and played threatened like that was shown by the Minister we.

In his profile, Bimo is a biotech in Indonesia.

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