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Post  cottontop on Wed May 21, 2008 5:02 am

If you have links that provide news and information, please list them here:

(These are brought over from the old Fluwiki)
( UK-based website. Updates from ~21,000 news sources every 5 minutes)
(current timeline of BF news. From old flu wiki)
(Humanitarian Early Warning Service)
(Emergency and Disaster World Alert Map)
(alot of CDC links)
(A bilingual news aggregator based in Hangzhou, China. Also provides links to newly published scientific research.)
(Euro Health News as well as BF)

Blogs and daily commentary
(Crawford Kilian- Based in Vancouver, Canada)
(Effect Measure-A group blog offering progressive public health discussion and argument as well as a source of public health information from around the web. The editors of Effect Measure are senior public health scientists and practitioners.)
(Scott McPherson's Web Presence-influenza, BF and infectious diseases)
(Dr. Henry L. Niman on technical aspects of breaking avian influenza news)
(a blog offering daily round-ups and commentary on influenza-related news from around the world.)
(avian flu based blog)

Bulletin boards & discussion forums
(Flu Trackers)
(Avian Flu Talk)
(new Fluwiki)
(PFI-Pandemic Flu Central)
(All About Flu/H5N1)
(Plan for Pandemic)

Pandemic Planning

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one more link

Post  larry G on Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:49 pm

my own website

some folks may find it interesting

larry G

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