Indonesian News-current H5N1 situation

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Re: Indonesian News-current H5N1 situation

Post  cottontop on Tue May 13, 2008 12:15 pm

21 million poultry breeders-most don't apply bio security
The Lokal Berpotensi Tularkan Flu Burung breeder on Tuesday, May 13 2008 - 14:15 WIB

Denpasar - the Department of Agriculture (Deptan) mentioned the local poultry breeder had the potential to spread the bird flu virus.

They most did not yet apply bio security.
That was sent by Budidaya Ternak Non- Ruminansia Departemen Director of Agriculture Djajadi Useful, in the meeting of the national co-ordination the Association of the Local Poultry Breeder Indonesian Himpuli, in Wisma Earth Asih, Street Puputan, Denpasar, Bali, on Tuesday 13/5/2008.

According to Djajadi, from 21 million local poultry breeders who were recorded in Deptan, partly did not yet apply bio security optimally.
"If continuing to be left alone, this will be dangerous," he said.

The insignificance of the application bio security, said Djajadi, not only was related the insignificance of the bird flu vaccination against the poultry.
But also did not have efforts to arrange the distance of the pen with housing, maintain the cleanliness of the pen and develop good pen sanitation.

As the step in the prevention, Deptan Sejak 2005 applied the restructuring program of local poultry livestock breeding.

In this program, each one of the breeder's groups will be given by help with a value of between Rp100-150 million.
Till now has had 230 groups that accepted this help.
Unfortunately, this help only for the example then.
So not all of the poultry breeder's groups could be able to, he stressed.

The secretary Jendral Himpuli Muhammad Yunus acknowledged still had the local poultry breeder that did not yet apply bio security.
Therefore, the meeting will agree to the application bio security, he said.
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May 14, 2008

Post  cottontop on Wed May 14, 2008 3:21 am

On Wednesday, May 14 2008 15:43:00

IPB Believe the test Disinfektan the Bird Flu Virus

Bogor-RoL -- the School Of Veterinary Medicine of Institut Pertanian Bogor IPB was believed tested the killing product (disinfektan) the bird flu virus that was named Legionella-X made by the Magna International company.

The Humas IPB press release in Bogor, on Wednesday, mentioned, the killing product of the virus was developed by X since 4.5 last year, during in Singapore spread the Sars virus severe acute respiratory syndrome.

Dr drh Agus Setiyono, from the Patologi FKH IPB Part said, Magna International Singapore President, Nelson Cheng, through his prospective distributor in Jakarta gave the belief in himself so that IPB tests the capacity of Legionella-X towards the virus H5N1.
Results of this testing will eventually be attached as one of the conditions to get permission entered Indonesia.

After through the testing in the laboratory, the product was proven by 100 percent killed the bird flu virus, H5N1, he said.

He said, the testing method was carried out with used pupukan the virus Avian Influenza H5N1 to the media of the Embryo's Egg was pruned (TET) that was given by Legionella-X with the concentration 100 percent as the remedy that was tested.
The testing was carried out by the Team of the Researcher the Pelayanan Mikrobiologi Medik Unit, Departemen of Penyakit Hewan Knowledge and the Health of the Veteriner Community, Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan IPB.

Legionella-X also has diujicoba in several trains and the hospital in Singapore.
The use disinfektan this was expected to interrupt the chain of the spread of the virus H5N1.

Moreover disinfektan that was efficient enough because of his package that was easy to be carried the individual, and his use were enough with scolded as well as could be used anywhere.

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May 15, 2008

Post  cottontop on Thu May 15, 2008 5:37 am

It's about time!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Indonesia agrees to hand bird flu information to new online database


JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Indonesia's health minister said Thursday she would start sharing all genetic information about her country's bird flu virus with a new global database, to monitor whether the disease is mutating into a dangerous pandemic strain.

China, Russia and other nations that have long withheld influenza virus samples and DNA sequencing data from international databases are also taking part in the initiative, saying it offers full transparency and, for the first time, basic protection of intellectual property rights.

full article

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May 16, 2008

Post  cottontop on Fri May 16, 2008 4:36 am

Bird flu, the Resident Gandaria Meninggal
By editorial staff of 15/05/2008 @ 22:21

Jakarta: For A Long Time did not can be heard not meant bird flu might not have been guarded against.

The village head Gandaria Utara, Kebayoran Baru, of Southern Jakarta, with his apparatus since last Monday destroyed the poultry, especially the chicken belonging to the resident who was still wandering in the inhabitants's environment.

After disembelih, the poultry was afterwards burnt with his pen.
For three days, more than 170 poultries that consisted of the chicken, birds, and the goose were destroyed.

In this district indeed still many poultries that were free to roam about in the middle of the settlement, although being not yet proven had the poultry that contracted the bird flu virus.

However, this was the step in anticipation after a resident was named Siti Istiqomah, on Wednesday 14/5, died and was stated positive bird flu.
Beforehand casualties could be treated for three days in the Persahabatan Hospital.

Now in the last 10 days, the brother Siti that was named Ahmad Rizky also died with the same sign.

This was the first case of bird flu in the Gandaria region.
Whereas the older brother Siti, Alamsyah, that also was treated in RS the Friendship, today is allowed to come home after being stated by the bird flu negative by the team

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Re: Indonesian News-current H5N1 situation

Post  cottontop on Fri May 16, 2008 4:38 am

Faintly Pandemi Flu Burung with Disinfektan

By editorial staff of 15/05/2008 @ 23:12

Jakarta: Magna International, the chemical company that concentrated in Singapore, offered the product disinfektan to stifle the spreading of the bird flu virus in Indonesia.

Developed 4.5 last year disinfektan was named the trade in Magna Legionella-X was proven through the testing in the Institute's laboratory of Pertanian Bogor could eradicate the virus H5N1 as far as one hundred percent.

Was different from the antiseptic that was used to living creatures, disinfektan was used for the inanimate object.
For example, to clean pens.

By spraying Magna Legionella-X in his package that was easy to be mentioned, Nelson hoped the chain of the spread of the deadly virus H5N1 could be interrupted.

Agus Setiyono, the pathology expert in the School Of Veterinary Medicine of IPB Bogor said if the process of the testing that was led by him was the standard procedure of a product to be able to be marketed in Indonesia.

Especially his testing disinfektan from Magna, Agus explained, was carried out in the Pelayanan Mikrobiologi Medik Terpadu Unit, Bagian Mikrobiologi Medik, Departemen of Penyakit Hewan Knowledge and the Health of the Veteriner Community, FKH-IPB. Media that was used was the Embrio Egg was pruned.

The eggs played a role received disinfektan that has been added isolat the virus from Tasikmalaya 2005.

Results were observed if disinfektan could kill the virus by means of breaking into the membrane of the virus cell and making his contents be spewed out.
There was no virus cell that could remain/the Interaktif

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May 17, 2008

Post  cottontop on Sat May 17, 2008 4:40 am

On Saturday, May 17 2008
Casualties Bird Flu continued to improve
There were 33 suspects in bird flu in Jakarta.

Jakarta -- DPRD urged the Government of the Special Capital District of Jakarta Province immediately to speed up the development of the centre of the poultry reception.
This the reason for the handling of bird flu in the Capital it was thought still was not yet optimal, so as casualties were killed continued to fall that reached 28 people.

Komisi E DPRD Special Capital District Chairman, Igo Ilham, said the handling of bird flu must be in Jakarta speeded up.
Immediately the relocation should not postpone-postponed again.

Don't was waiting for the existence of casualties, He Said, on Friday 16/5.
According to Igo, if the executive stated the delay of the relocation of the reason did not have the fund, that was really regretted.
Because, the council agreed to the allocation of the relocation fund of the poultry reception around Rp 1 trillion.

The similar matter was revealed, the Member the E Commission, Selamat Nurdin.
He stressed the development plan of the centre of the poultry reception in the Kepiting Swamp, Jakarta Timur, could be promoted from the plan originally by mid 2009.
The government must work fast, don't be waiting to fall casualties again, said he.

According to Congratulations, his side would mengakomodasi if the addition of the budget will be put into the budget of the change 2008.
So, in 2009 could have operated.
When following the plan originally, the poultry reception could just operate in 2010.

Fraksi Prosperous Justice Party Chairman this also regretted, the achievement of Livestock Breeding of the Service, Perikanan and Marine the Special Capital District in supervising the circulation of the poultry in the settlement region.

Certification still has not consistent was carried out.
Officially Peternakan only carried out the supervision intensively if having casualties flew.
While waiting for the centre of the reception to be finished was built, apparatus must the hard work supervised the poultry, he stressed.

Kesehatan Special Capital District Section Head, Wibowo Sukijat, explained had 33 suspects susfect bird flu in Jakarta.
As many as 28 people were stated positive bird flu and died.
The last case was the death two related that lived in Kebayoran Baru, Southern Jakarta, that is Is 15 years and Ar 14.

Ar died more previously in RS the Friendship, Ahad 4/5.
His older brother, Is, died 10 following days.
Concerning the supervision of the poultry, Wibowo menaolak responsible.
If the matter of the supervision of his poultry not my authority, but the Peternakan Service, he said in the Town Hall.

Igo Ilham justeru regretted this Wibowo statement.
Necessarily, in penanangan the virus H5N1 this, between the agency in lingkunan the Special Capital District Provincial Government did not point at each other to bertangungjawab.

Officially Peternakan, Perikanan and Marine mentioned, at least had 11 serious districts bird flu.
Among them, in Southern Jakarta was in Pesanggrahan and Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Timur was in Cakung, Pulogadung, Matraman, Duren Sawit.

In Jakarta Barat, in Cengkareng as well as Kalideres.
To Jakarta Pusat, in the District Venus Baru and on Monday.
Whereas Jakarta Utara, although being stated did not have the poultry in the settlement, the Peternakan Service, Perikanan and Marine still stated the Cilincing District as the area of the danger.

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May 18, 2008

Post  cottontop on Sun May 18, 2008 7:03 am

(I think the date is a typo)
On Saturday, April 19 2008

Threaten the Life 153 Orang

the Indonesian COMMUNITY must more be on the alert against the bird flu danger.
The Nasional Flu Burung commission and the Control of the Influenza Komnas FBPI Pandemic estimated, 66 million souls were threatened would tertular clinically and approximately 153 thousand including being threatened with dying.

This Komnas FBPI calculation was based on the pandemic scenario that was compiled if the spread happening antarmanusia.

The scenario was included in the document of NPPRP National Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan.
The document was compiled with long discussions with the expert in the national and international health, the government, and the UN, said Chairman Komnas FBPI Bayu Krisnamurthi after being in a meeting of the co-ordination about bird flu in the Co-ordinating Minister's office Kesra, yesterday 18/4.

Bayu said, this scenario was compiled referred in the calculation of the level of seriousness that died at the time of the plague of Asian flu or Hong Kongese flu in 1968.

In the scenario, from around 66 million souls, 33 million souls among them dikenai the maintenance of the patient treated the road, 633 thousand souls were treated in the hospital, 95 thousand souls 15 percent of that was treated in RS needed the maintenance in ICU, and 47 thousand souls including needing the ventilator support.

Until this indeed was not yet the spread antarmanusia.
But, continued to be monitored by the existence of the spread signals, explained Bayu that also the deputy the Perekonomian Co-ordinating Minister.
Bayu explained, Indonesia was one of the countries that succeeded in compiling the document of the plan of pandemic preparedness.

That was based on the data of PBB. Dan only a small part that tested him through the simulation, obviously him.

To test the NPPRP document, said he, the government will hold the Simulation of the Episenter Pandemi Influenza Control in Bali on April 25-27 2008.

The activity that was centred on in the Dangin Tukadaya Village, Kabupaten Jembrana, Bali, that will involve approximately one thousand representative people the government and non-the government.

Indonesia will become one of the first countries that tested his document of planning of pandemic preparedness in large scale, said I Nyoman Kandun, Dirjen of the Control of the Illness and Sanitation of Lingkungan Department of Health.

Bayu said, for 2008 his side will hold the similar simulation totalling eight times.
Moreover, Komnas FBPI will continue to complete the NPPRP document.
Because this was the living document, katanya. aleljpnn

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The deadly song of the Virus 71

Post  cottontop on Sun May 18, 2008 7:06 am

(This is an interesting article. Long. I held my breath that TT would quite working halfway through it!)
On Sunday, May 18 2008

The deadly song of the Virus 71

Like bird flu, this virus triggered the death quickly.
Suspected hard of being in Indonesia.
The plague that mengkalangkabut China two weeks behind this before step on foot him in Tangerang, West Java, a year set.

The medical circle mentioned the great fever that membekap Fadli Susanto currently 4 years that time as: Singaporean Flu.
The thermometer indicated the figure 40 Celcius levels.
And, the effect of this body heat as if burning nerves of the Fadli side: the child lost appetite.

Without asupan calorie, right away the defence of the body of the jug boyak.
The physical condition for the resident Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang, this continued to worsen, until he was run off with to RS Siloam, Tangerang.

His peak, as being told by Sukamti 53, the grandmother Fadli, was whenever the peculiarity came.
Small bumps began to grow on the hands palm and foot Fadli.
The bump was red, resembled this chickenpox, also rose on the tongue and the throat.

If being touched, it seems like disundut fire, said Sukamti, on Wednesday 145, to Republika.
In China, as many as 4,496 people were whipped by the similar sign.

Since spreading at the end of March, and reaching his peak early May, totalling 22 people was stated was killed.
The majority happened in the Fuyan city, Provinsi Anhui.
The illness what on earth?

The doctor named him as the hands illness, foot, and the mouth hand, foot and mouth disease that in Indonesia was known as this Singaporean flu.

The Kesehatan body of the WHO World, confirmed the trigger of the plague that struck China was the variant of the deadly virus from the kind enterovirus-71 EV-71.
Smelled by the first time in California, United States the USA in 1969, EV-71 spread the death in the Asia-Pacific region since 1998: the official WHO Data mentioned the figure 55 people were killed in Taiwan the other source 80 people and tens of thousands of souls were run off with to the hospital.

Since that time, the variant of the virus that was not yet found his vaccine was found in Japan, Korea, and Australia.
The similar illness could be maddening in Singapore in 2000, installed himself as Singaporean flu.
Toh,the existence of the virus berkode 71 this still to the chaos said in this country.
Some circles mentioned nihil the existence the deadly virus.

The professor of knowledge microbiology of the School Of Medicine's clinic of Universitas Indonesia, Amin Soebandrio, Phd, Sp.MK, said: EV-71 was not yet detected in Indonesia.

Available at this time, said Amen, was the other subgenus from enteroviru namely Coxsackie A16.
This virus not more raging compared with EV-71, but triggered the similar sign to his casualties: great flu was accompanied vesikel the bump contained water on all over the hand, foot, and the mouth.

This virus emerged in 2006.
The illness Foot, Tangan, and this PKTM Mouth actually not the new news in the medical world.
This illness was triggered by a kind of RNA virus from the family Picornaviridae and the Enteroviru genus.

Nah, enteroviru this had several subgenera again, namely Coxsackie A, Coxsackie B, Echovirus and Enterovirus.
According to Dr Tjandra Yoga Aditama, SpP MHA, penebar the PKTM plague biggest was the kind of Coxsackie A16.
This subgenus was not too dangerous.
Several PKTM cases in Indonesia happened and most patients recovered.

This be different from EV-71.
If casualties EV-71 late was handled, let alone being increased by bad resistance of the patient's body, the Risk of the death could happen less than seven days, said Director Pengendalian of Langsung Departemen infectious diseases of the Health.

Sepakterjang EV-71 warned in two viruses pencabut the life: Avian bird flu influenza and SARS. Yang were different, EV-71 more menyasar the age child of two till five years.
In China, 90 percent stinging death of pre-schoolers.
How EV-71 pulled out the life of the children?
EV-71 had one surplus: he was very sensitive smelled children with resistance of the paralysis body.

This expertise was not owned the variant enterovirus other.
This why EV-71 was acknowledged as crueller.
Fragile body resistance like the main gate for the deadly virus after him entered the body through the mouth and the nose to randomise-ngacak the other organ on the brain, the heart, nerves of the centre, the side, or the lungs.
The result was, the complication happened.

The death of a dozen children in China completely was resulting from the complication.
The virus E-71 important received attention of the reason for the peak of the circulation of this virus happened in June and in July, especially in the tropical country.
There was no certain data if not was not yet known by the spreading of this virus in Indonesia.

According to Dr Mulya Rahma Karyanti SP Ak, from the division and the infection of the tropics illness of RSCM Jakarta, possibly many cases happened enterovirus in Indonesia.
However, said Mulya, the case of this case was not diagnosed by the reason doctor, needed the special inspection the sample of the virus by Balitbang Department of Health.

Also: Dana not a little.
So his problem.
The sign resulting from the conduct EV-71 or the subgenus enterovirus other cederung similar: casualties were whipped by the fever was accompanied by the bump in foot, the hands, and the mouth.
Who his taros, EV-71 or A-16?

When the year set Sukamti memeriksakan his grandchild, Fadli, in RS Siloam Tangerang, the doctor only stated the child was attacked by Singaporean flu.
The Doctor, said Sukamti, then did not check the virus kind what flowed through Prominent blood.
In fact, if this virus was the kind EV-71, then the opportunity of triggering the death in a short time was big enough.

Really the incubation of this virus 3 till 7 days.
However, according to Tjandra Yoga, the death could happen less than really the incubation of the virus.
If the condition for the patient was weak, the Shower, any pre-schooler dipapar enterovirus like betted the life because of who that knew this EV-71.
Last week, Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari mentioned three people were it was suspected flattest EV-71 in RSCM Jakarta.

Only, after being carried out by several test, was unproven that that EV-71, said the Head of public relations of RSCM Jakarta, Poniwati Yacub, of SKM, on Wednesday 14/5.

Toh, EV-71 not not pounce on in Indonesia.
The research by the Penelitian Dan Pengembangan Kesehatan Body, the Department of Health, during 2002 proved that.
The research in Jakarta, Denpasar, and Kebumen, against 200 pre-school children showed already the existence of positive children flattest EV-71 that time.
Results of the research showed the prevalence of the infection EV-71 respectively of 45 percent in Denpasar, 32 percent in Jakata dani 27 percent in Kebumen.

Was based on the report that was written by Gendro Wahyuhono this, was gotten masing masing five cases in Jakarta and five cases in Denpasar that was specific showed the sign of PKTM. Dari masing masing five cases, was gotten respectively one positive case EV-71.
According to Dr Widodo Sujawanto, from Children Allergy Center RS Ms Jakarta, the only method mempersejantai the Upik and the Jug from the attack EV-71 was: Memberinya adequate body resistance.
From thousands of cases EV-71 in China, only a dozen that tewas.

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May 20, 2008

Post  cottontop on Tue May 20, 2008 3:56 am

5 residents Kendari Suspect Flu Burung on Tuesday, May 20 2008 - 14:38 WIB

Kendari - Lima 5 Kendari inhabitants respectively, AR (Cool, NH (4), SH (10), AA (1), and SE (43), on Tuesday 20/5/2008 dimasukan into space of the patient's isolation suspect South-East Sulawesi bird flu of the regional Public Hospital.

At this time the team of RSUD South-East Sulawesi was still being waiting for results of the laboratory test in Jakarta on the case of five patients.
With clothes pelingdung from on top of the head through to foot, was used by the nurses in fact every few minutes continued to check the condition for the five patients that suspect this.
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Re: Indonesian News-current H5N1 situation

Post  cottontop on Tue May 20, 2008 4:00 am

Hat tip Comonground

Five Kendari residents of "Suspect" Burung Flu

Kendari: Five members of one family of one district in the Kendari City, South-East Sulawesi, suspect Bird Flu, on Tuesday (20/5).
The five residents of the Sanua District, Kecamatan Kendari Barat, that was treated itensif in the room of the Daerah isolation of Public Hospital bird flu (RSUD) South-East Sulawesi.
They consisted of four children and one adult.
Someone dokrer RSUD South-East Sulawesi when being asked by confirmation to justify the existence of five residents that suspect bird flu.
But he kept the identity of the five residents who were expected secret terinveksi this bird flu, only was named their initials were AR, 8, HA, 4, SH, 10, AA,1, and SE, 43.
Their condition currently the high fever, the cough, and breathless.

Before experiencing this sign, around their residence was gotten by 80 chickens died suddenly

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Depok: BF still serious

Post  cottontop on Wed May 21, 2008 4:23 am

Depok: BF still serious
On Wednesday, May 21 2008

Depok was Still Serious Bird Flu
The case of occurring bird flu the reason for bad sanitation.

Depok -- the Section of the Health of the Animal and the Community of Veteriner Kesmavet Dinas Pertanian Kota Depok said, at least 16 districts in the Depok City the danger of the bird flu illness.

All the active cases of this bird flu were spread in several subdistricts, among them the Sukmajaya Subdistrict, Pancoranmas, and the Atmosphere.

The official found the existence of the affected poultry the virus of Avian Influenza in 16 districts, said Kasi Kesmavet, Deddy Sudjadi, yesterday (20/5).

However, Deddy did not name the number of affected poultries this virus.
The number of cases was active in 16 districts was counted descended against the year beforehand.
In 2006 then, the case of bird flu spread in 27 districts, whereas in 2007 was gotten in 23 districts.

When finding the active case, the Kesmavet side then always coordinated Officially Kesehatan of the Depok City.
Although the number of active cases has decreased, but still was gotten several territories in the Depok city that in succession was gotten by the active case.

At least had two territories in Depok that had the case note was active in the period two years, that is the Kalimulya District, Kecamatan Sukmajaya and the District Depok Jaya, Kecamatan Pancoranmas.
The territory that had the active case occurred again was caused by bad sanitation, overcame this problem by improving environmental means.

Handled the problem, the Kesmavet section aim at carried out the vaccination 100 thousand poultries in quarterly the two this coming July.
In quarterly first 2008 Kesmavet sections carried out the vaccination to approximately 128 thousand tails of the poultry.
This number exceeded from the target 100 thousand tails, said Deddy.

At least was recorded had approximately 400 thousand tails of the poultry in the Depok City.
Initially in carrying out the vaccination of the service side experienced the difficulty.

One of the hindrances in carrying out the vaccination was the poultry that was released free by his owner.
The official's time was still being thrown away to catch the wandering poultry so that could disuntik, now his owner also was not in the place, pungkas Deddy.
Because of this, he asked for the community in order to participate in dealing with bird flu.

Ponidjo, the resident RT 09 RW 19 Lio villages, Kecamatan Pancoranmas, admitted that his eight property ducks had never gotten the vaccination.
Apparently did not yet have the vaccination because I myself often went out of the house.

So, not tau once divaksin or not, said Ponidjo.
In quarterly first in 2007, the official of the service only succeeded in carrying out the vaccination to 25,250 tails of the poultry.
However, together with time in quarterly following, the number of poultries that divaksin reached more than 200 thousand tails.

In carrying out the vaccination and the monitoring in each territory, the Service had eight officials who were divided into four teams.
Apart from the official was met also by 78 cadres of the resident who was spread in 63 districts in Depok.
Deddy hoped did not have again the kept poultry in the settlement of the resident.

At this time, his side was then being incessant menyosialisasikan the guide for the resident to maintain the poultry.

The step in this guide, that is with always placed the poultry in the pen that be at a distance around 25 metre from the settlement, carried out spraying disinfektan, and giving of the vaccine to the poultry.
Since 2006 has till May 2008 had three people died as a result of being infected by bird flu in the Depok City.

The Angka
fact 400 of Ribu
Jumlah the poultry in the Depok

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May 22, 2008

Post  cottontop on Thu May 22, 2008 4:17 am

Menkes demanded Consistency in the Sharing Virus
By editorial staff of 21/05/2008 @ 22:28

London, on Thursday - Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari, menagih the matter promise sharing and benefit in a just manner, transparent and was equal in the matter of the virus, as the agreement in the WHA World Health Assembly session of the 60 and IGM-PIP Inter-Governmental Meeting of Pandemic Influenza Preparedness last year in Geneva.

That was sent by Menkes in the WHA Session of the 61 that took place from the date 19 to May 24 by taking the theme of Health Related to the Millenium Development Goals MDGs in Geneva, Swiss.

According to Menkes, the member countries of the Organisation of the Se- Dunia WHO Health agreed to the Indonesian proposal so that the mechanism of the virus sharing consistent with the law and the national regulation respectively the country.

He admitted, from the existence of the debate about the virus sharing and benefits sharing then the Global Inisiative Surveilance Network GISN system that took place for 60 years will not be had been just, transparent and was equal until the sovereignty and the law of the virus of the sender's country were considered.
Therefore, GISN must be replaced with the new mechanism, he said.

As the organisation that arranged the health system of the world, WHO was asked to not set aside the interests of the developing country, but to have to give the service to all the member country if wanting the achievement of the better health comprehensively for humankind in the world.

Menkes was not of the same opinion as one of the member countries that stated GISN and his tradition that took place while 60 years achieved the success in the global health.

They did not see many facts that precisely damaged developing countries, he said.
Menkes explained the production capacity of the vaccine that less than five percent of the world's population at this time precisely was a big failure, while access and the transfer of technology were not yet received developing countries.

This situation also supported the fact that the program stockpiling (the provisions of stock of medicine) failed to fill the challenge of world preparedness faced the influenza pandemic.

Therefore, Menkes stressed came back that the virus sharing and benefits sharing was good joint responsibility developed countries and the developing country.
Siti Fadilah Supari further stressed Indonesia was not frightened of carrying out responsibility in the virus sharing provided that the system gave the profit for the developing country and produced the just, transparent and balanced system.

Indonesia made a commitment to continue berkontribusi in the health of the world community as being pointed out uptil now, he said.
In the WHA session, Menkes also focussed on the aim MDGs will be difficult to be reached because of various hindrances like the existence of the price increase of world oil that was influential in the price increase of world food that had an impact on the instability of food.

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Minister for agriculture

Post  cottontop on Thu May 22, 2008 4:24 am

The minister for agriculture: Dianggap Enteng Bird Flu on Thursday,
May 22 2008 - 06:04 wib
Lamtiur Kristin Natalia Malau - Okezone

Jakarta - Agriculture Minister Mentan Anton Apriantono warned that the spreading of the animal illness like bird flu was not gazed at an eye.

The risk that could be caused from the spreading of the animal illness immediately to have to be prevented through the Strengthening of Indonesian Quarantine of Indonesian Quarantine Strengthening ProgramIQSP.

This program will be undertaken by the Karantina Pertanian BARANTAN Departemen Body of Agriculture of Deptan RI and will take place for the month October-December 2008 came.

The risk of the spreading of the animal illness and the product the animal should not be it was considered trivial.
Bird flu only one of the illness kinds that was caused by the animal.

Was our responsibility together to prevent the spreading of this illness that possibly could develop by the plague, said the Minister For Agriculture in the news of the press that was accepted by editorial staff okezone, on Thursday 22/5/2008.

This IQSP program was partnership efforts anatara BARANTAN and Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service AQIS. Keseluruhan the IQSP program that will go while two months will be financed by the Australia.hri

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Two Suspect Bird Flu was treated

Post  cottontop on Wed Jun 04, 2008 3:37 am

Two Suspect Bird Flu was treated
On Tuesday, June 03 2008

Two Suspect Bird Flu was treated
Some chickens that were bought by the patient's family died suddenly.

Cirebon -- the bird flu Attack as could have not been ended.
This time this illness attacked the poultry and his owner in the Cirebon Regency.
Two owners of the poultry in this territory received the intensive maintenance in RSUD Gunung Jati, Kota Cirebon.

As for the two patients suspect the bird flu was the mother and his child, namely Siti Jaenal (48 years) as well as Pipit Pitriani (25).
Both of them lived in RT 03/10, Kel Tukmudal, the Source Subdistrict, the Cirebon Regency.
At this time, both of them were treated specially in X space of the space isolation the room 5 of RSUD Gunung Jati.

Pelayanan Medis RSUD Gunung Jati Kota Cirebon Deputy Director, Lucia Agung Susilowati, explained, the two patients the first time entered RSUD Gunung Jati on Saturday (31/5), struck 19,15 of WIB. Sebelumnya, said he, the two patients were treated in the Watubelah Community Health Centre, Kabupaten Cirebon.

Both of them 'then received the official letter reconciliation from the Peternakan Service that his copy to the Cirebon regent', said Lucia in Cirebon, on Monday (2/6).

The official letter asked them to be able to be treated intensive in this hospital.
One of the lung specialist doctors of RSUD Gunung Jati, Dr M Ali Hanafiah, said, when the first time entering the hospital, the condition for the patient clinically was not too worrying.

According to him, the condition both of them in fact be classed as still was normal, both that blood and his breath, although indeed was accompanied by the cough.
However, added Ali, his side continued to treat the two patients as suspect bird flu.

That was caused by both of them could experience contact directly with the poultry that died suddenly.
Up to now 'we continue to carry out the monitoring against the patient every time four hours very much utnuk knew the development' of the 'condition both of them', said Ali.

Before Siti Jaenal became the patient suspect bird flu, keluargaa him could buy 30 chickens in the chicken market in Plered, on Friday (30/5).

Chickens that were bought that was meant to be bred.
However immediately after arriving home, totalling one tail from 30 chickens that were bought that died suddenly.
Not only that, as many as 18 other chickens also took part in dying only in the time hose several hours.
Because felt love, chickens died that ought to be exiled that even was processed into food by Siti and Pipit by means of being boiled.

After ripe, the chickens were then eaten by all of his family.
Got the report on the existence of the chicken belonging to the resident who died suddenly, the related official from the Pertanian Service, Perkebunan, and Livestock Breeding of Kabupaten Cirebon at once took the sample of blood of chickens that died that.
After being carried out by the inspection with rapid test, this chicken evidently positive bird flu.

One 'from three chickens that we took as the sample indeed evidently positive bird flu', the headword of UPTD Kesehatan of the Animal and the Health of the Community, E Suswaningsih, said.

Knew the chicken that was eaten by him positive bird flu, the two patients at once felt stress.
Both of them admitted to feeling breathless, the head of the headache, bones linu and coughs (like the bird flu patient).

Till yesterday the afternoon, the condition for the two patients began to improve.
Moreover, both of them repeatedly ask for so that immediately could come home.
However, the hospital side did not yet permit him.
This hospital also took the sample of blood both of them to be checked in the laboratory.

If evidently results of the negative, then the hospital side will at once return the two patients.
The related agency in this territory then at once acted against the poultry that possitif contracted the bird flu.
To anticipate expanded him the bird flu attack to the poultry, they at once destroyed all the remnant of the chicken that still was living belonging to casualties.

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RE: Two Suspect BF Treated

Post  cottontop on Wed Jun 04, 2008 4:16 am

Two of Warga Cirebon Suspect Flu Burung on Tuesday, June 3 2008 - 02:27 WIB

Cirebon - Ms and the resident's child Rt 03/10 the Tukmudel Village, the Source Subdistrict of the Cirebon Regency, to suspect bird flu after his 30 chickens of the property livestock died suddenly.

At this time both of them that it was known were named Siti Jaenab (4, and Pipit Pitriani (25), was treated in Daerah space of the Jati Mountain of the Public Hospital isolation (RSUDGJ) Cirebon.

"Results pemeriksan now that was carried out the two of us the status inpatient suspect bird flu."
They entered the hospital last Saturday night, we have taken the sample of their blood to be carried out by the inspection in Jakarta, explained Deputy Director Pelayanan Medis RSUDGJ, Lucia Agung Susilowati to the reporter, on Monday (2/6/2008).

Explained by Lucia, the two patients were beforehand treated in the Community Health Centre of Watu Belah Cirebon.
However, after being seen by the story of contact with the kept animal that died suddenly.
Akhinya the official puskemas and on reconciliation from the Livestock Breeding service of the two patients akhri him in the row to RSUD Gunung Jati.
In the meantime according to the lung specialist doctor, Dr.M Hanafiah, secar medical the condition paseien still was classified as stable.
However, because of the story of his contact the patient carried out contact with the positive animal bird flu.
Finally his side was treated proper for to the patient suspect bird flu that is by carrying out observation and dimasukan keruang the isolation.
"Results" of the "last inspection that was carried out by us, the condition" for the "patient still in the stable situation with the temperature" of the "body 56 levels celcius, normal blood, normal breathing, and had a little batukbatuk," explained Hanafiah.

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June 5, 2008

Post  cottontop on Thu Jun 05, 2008 3:36 am

Indonesia, Australia implementing quarantine strengthening program

Denpasar, (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian and Australian governments are implementing an Indonesian Quarantine Strengthening Program (IQSP), in view of the commencement of the annual Agricultural Quarantine Institute Service Month (BARANTAN).

The program is carried out in June and July 2008 to enhance awareness and sense of responsibility of people on the importance of the quarantine of animals and their products, Head of the first-class Ngurah Rai Animal Quarantine Institute Veterinary Surgeon I Ketut Diarmita said in Denpasar on Wednesday.

He said that the effort is made by the Indonesian government through BARANTAN of the Ministry of Agriculture and by the Australian government through the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services (AQIS).

All animals and their products to be traded Indonesia as well as outside the country must be supervised by BARANTAN with a view of avoiding a risk of being infected with diseases of animals such as bird flu, and their products, which will cause social and economic losses to the people, at local, national, regional, as well as international scale.

Ketut Diarmita said further that the socio-economic loss needs to be avoided as early as possible, such as bird flu.

Familiarizing the public with the quarantine strengthening program will be carried out at the first-class Ngurah Rai Animal Quarantine Institute on Thursday (June 5) which would be attended by Head of BARANTAN Syukur Iwantoro, Head of the Bali provincial animal husbandry agency Ida Bagus Alit, and Bob Sadino,an Indonesian animal farm businessman.(*)

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Indonesia says it will no longer.....

Post  cottontop on Thu Jun 05, 2008 4:18 am

Thursday, June 5, 2008
Indonesia says it will no longer formally announce bird flu deaths


JAKARTA, Indonesia -- A 15-year-old girl died of bird flu last month, becoming Indonesia's 109th victim, but the government decided to keep the news quiet. It is part of a new policy aimed at improving the image of the nation hardest hit by the disease.

"How does it help us to announce these deaths?" Heath Minister Siti Fadilah Supari said Thursday, after confirming that the girl from southern Jakarta tested positive on May 13 and died one day later. "We want to focus now on positive steps and achievements made by the government in fighting bird flu."

Indonesia's decision could aggravate the World Health Organization, which waits to update its official tally of Indonesia's bird flu deaths until after they are formally announced by the government. The toll on its Web site stood at 108 on Thursday - accounting for nearly half the 241 recorded fatalities worldwide.

The country's health minister has clashed with WHO over bird flu before.

Supari stopped sharing bird flu samples with the global body in January 2007 after learning that some coveted data about the virus was being kept in a private database at a U.S. government laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and made accessible to only a handful of researchers.

She worried that pharmaceutical companies would use her country's viruses to make vaccines that were ultimately unaffordable for developing countries. She has called for the creation of a global stockpile of lifesaving drugs, price tiering or other multinational benefit-sharing programs.

At present, all of Indonesia's virus samples are kept at a Health Ministry laboratory. DNA sequencing - used for risk assessment, diagnosis and to signal possible mutations - is carried out by scientists at the nearby Eijkman Institute.

"We have the capability to do this ourselves," Supari said.

So far, the virus remains hard for people to catch. Most of the world's 388 recorded human cases fell ill after contact with infected birds. But scientists have been closely monitoring the H5N1 virus, fearing it could potentially mutate into a form that spreads easily among people, possibly sparking a pandemic.

Until recently, Indonesia's government announced bird flu deaths by e-mail and provided an almost 24-hour information center for confirmations.

It gradually abandoned that practice several months ago, often burying news of deaths on the ministry's Web site.

The latest policy shift means no posting will be made until deaths have already been reported in the media, said Supari, who wants the focus now to be on improvements made in fighting the H5N1 virus nationwide.

She said only 18 people have been infected in the first six months of 2008, compared to 27 during the same period in 2007 and 35 in 2006 - something she attributed to improved surveillance and public awareness.

But the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization issued a critical statement in March, saying Indonesia's efforts to control the disease in poultry are failing. The H5N1 virus is entrenched in 31 of the country's 33 provinces and will continue to kill humans until it can be controlled in birds, it said.

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June 24, 2008

Post  cottontop on Tue Jun 24, 2008 5:25 am

Two patients was expected by Negatif
results Bird Flu
By editorial staff of 24/06/2008 @ 00:26

Bandung - two patients who beforehand were expected by bird flu, were based on results pemeriksaaan the doctor RSHS Bandung was stated by the negative.
They were the RN (3) and V (26).

The RN that almost one week was more treated in RSHS Bandung, was stated by his condition the bird flu negative.
The child from the Baru RT Village village 1 RW 13 villages of Mulyasari Kecamatan Pamanukan Subang this, beforehand was suspected of experiencing bird flu.
RN information that was freest bird flu was sent by Dr. Djatnika, one of the handling doctors of the bird flu patient of RSHS Bandung.

"Was based on results pemeriksaaan and the Balitbangkes lab in Jakarta, the RN diapastikan the negative."
Moreover, at this time we will arrange RN repatriation to the hospital in Subang (RS Ciereng Subang, red) that the first time reconciled him to RSHS, he explained when being met in poinciana tree space of RSHS Bandung, on Tuesday (24/6/2008).

In the meantime V (26) that entered RSHS on Wednesday (18/6/2008), was suspected of contracting bird flu.
Nevertheless, the doctor said now results of the negative.
"When entering, V his condition underinvestigation."
So, this still in the inspection, but for the time being the negative.

We were still being waiting for the inspection till seven days in the future, said Djatnika.
Djatnika added, around the V residence in Jatisari, Kec Buahbatu, was not found the poultry that mati./detikBandung

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Re: Indonesian News-current H5N1 situation

Post  cottontop on Tue Jun 24, 2008 5:46 am

Hat tip dbg @ PFI

The Patient Suspect Bird Flu Came Home
Selasa, 24 Juni 2008

Padang, Padek - the Patient suspect bird flu had the initials HAP (15 months), on Tuesday (17/6), was permitted to come home. His article, results of the Polymerase Chain Reaction test or PCR that was carried out by three successive times showed the virus negative H5N1.

The head of the Layanan Medik Field RSUP M. Djamil Padang, Irayanti to Padang Ekspres, on Monday, (23/6) said, the resident of the Penang Village of Kelurahan Bungus Timur Padang was free the bird flu virus and only was stated contracted the respiratory tract infection.

"While undergoing the maintenance, the condition for his health continued to experience the pleasing development. Results of his test were negative, nevertheless, his condition has been healthy and good. Therefore we permitted him to come home," he said.

As being reported beforehand, HAP entered RSUP, on Friday (6/6), and underwent the maintenance in the room of the Irna C Penyakit Dalam RSUD isolation M. Djamil Padang, for approximately 12 days. At that time HAP experienced the high and breathless fever. Was based on the family's information beforehand the patient indeed had the story of contact with the chicken that suddenly died suddenly.

Said by Irayanti, although being stated healthy, but this patient continued to be reminded to continue always to maintain the cleanliness of the environment and to carry out the control if having the complaint no matter how small that was related to his health.

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Re: Indonesian News-current H5N1 situation

Post  cottontop on Tue Jun 24, 2008 5:47 am

Is this going to become a trend, everyone is negative? Wink

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July 1, 2008

Post  cottontop on Tue Jul 01, 2008 4:56 am

Bird flu attacked Kediri on Monday, June 30 2008 - 21:24 WIB

Kediri - the Plague of the spread of the bird flu virus increasingly spread.

After attacking thousands of poultries in Blitar, the illness that was spread by the virus H5N1 this began to enter the Kediri territory.

Totalling 1,013 tails of the poultry in the Pule Village, Kecamatan Kandat, Kabupaten Kediri was stated positive terjangkit the virus of Avian Influenza (AI) by the Kehewanan Service local.
Suspected this virus entered from the Blitar territory that was enough close to this village.

This AI attack was the first time known by Suyono, one of the chicken breeders in the Pule Village.
Last June 22, one of his chickens died suddenly.
Only at intervals of three following days, totalling 108 birds puyuh his property also experienced same fate.
The resident's panic increasingly was at a peak when at least 1,005 tails of birds puyuh belonging to Agus, the neighbour Suyono that only be at a distance 50 metre died suddenly.

"We at once reported this to the official" of the "Kehewanan Service."
Because several areas in Blitar began to be attacked, explained Suyono, in Kediri, on Monday (30/6/2008).
He said, the condition for the poultry that died this also had the characteristics that is the head was red, the cock's comb turned blue, and foot lined red.
This attack also was partial from one place to the other place.

In the meantime Kehewanan Kab Kediri Section Head, Sri Suparni said his side continued to try to eliminate the spreading of this virus.
Among them by carrying out the taking of chicken blood and rapid test.
From results of this inspection, was ascertained thousands of poultries that died this was positive terjangkit the AI virus.

"We at once sprayed disinfectant in the location that terjangkit to prevent the spread to the other region."
This was the first attack in 2008, he explained.
According to the Kehewanan Service data, the AI attack biggest happened in 2007.

At that time was gotten 49 villages in 20 subdistricts that were stated positive endemic the bird flu virus.
The attack paralysed efforts 139 breeders and killed 14,357 tails of the chicken.
Now from the number of populations 43,144 tails of the chicken in Kab Kediri, 29,686 tails were among them destroyed.
(the microphone)

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July 1, 2008

Post  cottontop on Tue Jul 01, 2008 4:58 am

Mass vaccination urged against poultry
Deperta Blitar Didesak Vaksinasi Flu Burung in the Hewan Market on Monday, June 30 2008 - 21:01 WIB

Blitar - DPRD Kota Blitar urged the Pertanian Service (Diperta) the Government of the City carried out the mass vaccination against the poultry in the Blitar markets of the City animal.

This step as anticipation expanded him the virus attack of Avian Influenza (AI) or bird flu that turn off hundreds of tails of the chicken in the Klampok District and Plosokerep Kecamatan Sananwetan.
The member the Commission Ii Bidang Ekonomi and Finance DPRD Kota Blitar Basuki Rachmad considered the handling that was carried out the Municipal Government uptil now only was sporadic.

That is did action when the attack has happened, including only concentrating to the location that it was considered the place of the incident.
"Ideally Diperta should not be waiting to have the attack of the bird flu virus then."

But must be carried out by prevention efforts and anticipation, he said to the reporter yesterday.
According to Basuki, the focus of anticipation necessarily only was not motionless to the IV sector breeder or the domestic poultry.

Attention must be also carried out to the territory that became the poultry traffic came and went, like the Hewan Dimoro Market.
"Because of could be the bird flu virus was spread by the out of town livestock, or possibly was brought by the livestock that was bought by the community member," he explained.

As the follow-up, according to Basuki Diperta preferably only did not rely on spraying of disinfectant.
But also immediately made the step antispasi by carrying out the vaccination to all the poultry, especially the territory that became the livestock stopover.
"Lest bird flu increasingly spread to the healthy livestock or even manusia,"tegas him."

As being reported, hundreds of poultry belonging to the resident in the Plosokerep District and Klampok Kec Sananwetan suddenly died.

Results of the test test used the implement rapid test or the fast test showed the cause of the death of the poultry resulting from the bird flu virus.
The resident also carried out the extermination separately.
Because of worrying bird flu spread and spread to humankind.
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July 2, 2008

Post  cottontop on Wed Jul 02, 2008 7:58 am

The Bird Flu groove was Just found in Purwakarta
By editorial staff of 02/07/2008 @ 00:47

Jakarta: the Penelitian Veteriner Hall (Balitvet) Bogor, West Java, found the groove (strain) the new bird flu virus in Purwakarta.

Peternakan West Java Rachmat Setiadi Section Head said, in accordance with his location, the groove that was suspected of by results of the mutation being acknowledged also as the Purwakarta groove with the specific code strain PWK.

Director Kesehatan of the Animal Directorate General Peternakan Departemen of Musny Suatmodjo Agriculture said, strain that was the bird flu virus that had emerged in this territory in 1976.

The difference of the protein composition caused the bird flu vaccine that uptil now was used in Indonesia to become ineffective.
Despite this, Musny guaranteed the bird flu virus of H5N1 strain Purwakarta not turn off like strain other bird flu.
The difference that was specific in the protein composition in strain Purwakarta, according to Musny, happened resulting from the mutation in the virus body personally.
However the mutation did not change the composition like perubahan
the form from H5N1 became the kind H5N2.

To map the explanation of the bird flu virus, according to Rachmat, Dinas Peternakan spread out the co-operation with Balitvet.
Apart from in Purwakarta, strain same was reported emerged in several other territories.
Strain just like that, Musny continued, also to be found in the Sukabumi territory, Subang and Jakarta.

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July 11, 2008

Post  cottontop on Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:33 am

(A bf death slipped in the news. How did they manage that?)

The sufferer Bird Flu died On Thursday, July 10 2008 - 19:43 wib

Tangerang - Asnawi (33) the resident of the Blendung Village, Benda, of Tangerang died after undergoing the maintenance in space of the Public Hospital isolation (RSU) Tangerang.

Suspected Asnawi died as a result of being attacked by the bird flu virus.

The division head Administration of RSU Tangerang Dariyanto said, Asnawi underwent the maintenance one day in RSU Tangerang in space of the bird flu isolation.

"Just a day has in isolation space and currently died," he said, on Thursday (10/7/2008). He said came back, the death from Asnawi personally was not yet known by his cause. Because of results labotarium was not yet known.

"Still in health research and development, possibly the night or in the afternoon results," he said again.

In the meantime Yanto (40) casualties's brother said Asnawi beforehand underwent the maintenance in RS Medika for two days et cetera in referred to RS Husada Insani. However because space in the hospital was full, Asnawi came back in referred to RSU. Tangerang.

"Beforehand the deceased suffered breathless and hot," he said. Whereas the existence connection of the poultry in his house environment, he acknowledged many residents around that maintained the poultry.

Nevertheless he admitted to not yet knowing the cause of the Asnawi death because until this the hospital side did not yet give results labotarium him.

The Asnawi body is currently buried and crated.

Moreover the resident who wanted to see casualties's body was not permitted.

"He said gak might be opened his case ama the hospital side," said casualties's older brother Sariah. (hri)

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July 12, 2008

Post  cottontop on Sat Jul 12, 2008 9:17 am

On Friday, July 11 2008
The plague of Bird Flu was Still threatening Indonesia

Earplugs -- the Plague of bird flu (Avian Influenza) in Indonesia still continued to be guarded against. This deadly illness was still having the potential to develop faster than last 2005. Agriculture Minister, Anton Apriyantono, said, this illness must be guarded against, especially during the rain season.

His article, the development of the bird flu virus in the rain season was far more aggressive compared with the dry season like at this time. We 'must continue to be on the alert against this bird flu attack', said Anton, in gaps of the Penyidikan Hall cornerstone of the Veteriner Testing of the laying agenda (BPPV), in the Village of Werasari Kel Dangdeur Kab Subang, on Thursday (10/7).

Anton explained, the plague of the bird flu illness the first time was in Indonesia around 2004. This plague, caused the economic loss in large scale. The following year, said Anton, this bird flu threatened the spirit of humankind. Because, the spreading of his deadly virus not only from the animal to the animal, but already to humankind.

In 2005, said Anton, was recorded by approximately 136 people was infected the AI virus, even 110 people among them, his spirit could not be rescued. Since 'bird flu attacked humankind, then we carried out the research to produce his charm medicine', he said. It was further that Anton said, because of the fear of the bird flu threat that increasingly raged this, then several researches and the laboratory were developed to produce the dangerous illness charm that was spread by the livestock animal. One of them, with the development of the health laboratory of the animal to avian influenza (AI).

Named by Anton, ideally each province in Indonesia had this laboratory. However, said he, because of the limitations of the fund, at this time the AI laboratory available in Indonesia this just totalling eight units. Director General Peternakan Departemen of Agriculture, Cepy Sujana Daradjatun, claimed, the development of the AI laboratory that the laying of his cornerstone was carried out yesterday that was the natural grant from the Japanese community.

The value of help that was given by Japan as big as 1,78 billion yen Japan. With 'help from Japan this, was hoped we could create the charm for bird flu and anthrax', he said. Whereas the representative of the Japanese Embassy for Indonesia, Satoro Sato, added, the development project of this laboratory must immediately be finished. He aimed at the BPPV development in Subang this was finished in March 2009 that would datang. win

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Re: Indonesian News-current H5N1 situation

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